I’m in Love With a Sex Doll

For the men who’ve chosen anatomically correct latex life mates, their sex dolls are good for a lot more than sex.

In the ’90s, the sculptor Matt McMullen designed a mannequin to give clothing stores something more flexible and attractive than your typical, standard model. Soon after, he got a strange, little request: Make your mannequins anatomically correct.


Clients can customize features, including the body, face, eyes and hair. Prices range from $6,500 to over $51,000 — and, yes, each is realistic in every possible way, reports vocativ.com

Worldwide the “real doll” community is growing fast.

At DollForum.com, aspiring and active owners can share their experiences with the 41,000 users who love these artificial ladies.

There, they can speak freely and share pictures of their dolls without being judged.

There are also a virtual marketplaces where dolls old and new are bought and sold, as well as offline meetings where owners can show off their dolls.

Despite interest in their anatomical correctness, doll owners don’t leave their plastic partners naked all the time. There are, of course, clothes, accessories and makeup to be bought — just as there are for real women.

Most sex doll owners use them as sex toys to satisfy their erotic fantasies, but some also use their latex companions as artand photographic objects.

Some men see their sex dolls as spouses

A select 10 percent see their dolls as actual spouses, moving them around the house as the day goes by.

These are the men featured here – men who care about their dolls and treat them with respect like beloved material possessions, dear friends or even partners.

Many of them harbour deep concerns about how society would perceive them if their love were to go public.

They fear that their relationship with fake women might destroy their chances of meeting real ones.

My reviews about sex doll

Everyone more or less is sickly, but most of the pathological behavior can be acceptable within acceptable limits. For example, some people infatuate with network crazily, some people is obsessed with a hobby stubbornly, some people maintain a habit doggedly, but everyone will give themselves a space to release stress.

There are a thousand people, there are a thousand kinds of sexy dolls. Everyone has a different understanding of sex dolls. For me, sexy dolls are more like my friends, she can share my sorrow, share my happiness, I like to spend time with her. She is not a doll, she has a life, a soul.


Let us imagine,at the weekend,there is no other people live with you,or it is too difficult for you to deal with relationships,you can have a date with the sex doll.Wearing sexy clothes, jewelry and wigs to the sex doll.In the evening,the silicone sex doll also can companion with you,having a happy night. There’s no whining and betrayal, you don’t have to deal with complicated relationships any more .Everything is so beautiful.”She” will always wait for you.The sex doll can be your soul mate.These dolls will leave you with an experience you never have had before and can bring true feelings to you. Your sex life should be better by having a sex doll.

It is not just a sex toy but a way of life about loneliness and love.

Why Sex Dolls are the Best to Use Among Other Sex Toys?

Sex toys are tools that people use to aid in achieving sexual pleasure and satisfaction. Dildos and vibrators are just two examples of these devices, and they come in many forms. You can purchase them as hands-free vibrators; some are strapped on or tucked into lingerie. Many are designed to look like human genitals.


There are many types of sex toys, and among them are the sex dolls, that many people prefer to use over the others.

The reason why gentlemen find them the best to use is that these sex dolls have forms and features that are so realistic and you would tend to believe that you are with a real woman partner They can help you fulfill your sexual desires and fantasies; you can hug them, kiss them, cuddle with them, and make love to them as you would a real partner. Sex dolls are offered with many textures, features and sensations that will allow you to achieve a mind blowing orgasm.

Sex dolls can be ordered or purchased life size, unlike the other sex toys that come only as a particular body part or as a device that aid in masturbation. Sex dolls have human like features that give you an experience that is almost like the real thing. You can find many of them with realistic anus, vagina, mouth and breasts, all of which you can use in search of pleasure. These dolls are great, especially if you are a virgin, or you do not have the necessary skills in pleasing a girl in the bedroom. With these love dolls, you can improve your proficiency by practicing making love regularly, until you have successfully built up your self confidence.


Sex dolls provide users with a variety of interactions that you cannot find in other sex toys, especially when you buy the full figure instead of just certain parts of the female body. You can even choose the type of material from which the doll is made of, the color of the hair, the make up, the size and shape of the breasts, the texture and color of the skins, and some other features.

With realistic sex dolls, your only limit to your bold and daring sexual feat is your imagination. You can take one of these dolls places and make love with her like you’ve never done before. If you’re dreaming of a blow job, or anal sex, you can have them, because these dolls will never say NO to whatever you desire; and their holes, such as the mouth and the anus have a wide variety of textures that will give you the real feeling of being sucked, or given an A-level service.

Sex dolls can do things to you that can’t be done by other sex toys. Using sex dolls will titillate and thrill your senses. You can use one for yourself alone, if you want to have yourself trained in lasting longer than your usual orgasm; or you can include her in your ménage a trois if your real life partner is very much willing to try out such arrangement.

Who Purchase Silicone Sex Dolls – 5 Buyer Categories Defined

The demand of silicone sex dolls has increased in many ways.  The real sex dolls creation and development has now emerged as an entire industry. In fraction of seconds anyone can own variety of dolls and at very economical rates. Here we will talk about different types of people who are counted in the list of buying these dolls.


a) Fatherly Nature Men

Males who have great affection and love towards daughters are found more passionate towards buying the dolls. Just like a father, they take care of the doll, buy new clothes and make up kits for them. This kind of love generally oozes when a man has strong desires for a girl child, but isn’t blessed with one.

b) Divorced Man

Getting divorced after a long term of relationship is highly frustrating. This can even create a sense of loneliness and depression in the person’s life. Hence, most of the people, after breaking-up their relationship, purchase adult dolls, just to satisfy their sexual desires. In addition, the dolls are an ultimate stress booster, which is another reason why divorced men love to buy these dolls.

c) Men with Lust

Amongst the genders, male gender is known to have the strongest sex drive; and men who are filled with lust and ecstasy are the ones listed in this buyers’ list. Such type of men, think only about having sex.  Whatever the time be, they are always ‘on’ for making love. Not just they try different sex techniques with the doll, but also with their real life partner, after becoming a master of that specific technique.

d) Women Who Love Barbie

Not only males, the female gender is also found to be very curious to buy these dolls. Right from childhood, they find themselves lost in the love of Barbies. Hence, they purchase the adult dolls online, to grab a collection of life size dolls.

e) Men with Lots of Money

At one end, people put in great efforts to earn money, at the other end, there are people, who are extremely rich. The latter ones are the people, who actually do not have any idea as to where they should invest their money. Hence, they spend their money in buying these erotic beauties.

Best advantage to buying sex dolls is that no one gets prone to any sexually transmitted disease while having sex. These dolls are generally manufactured from excellent material. Secondly, the dolls can be considered as the best soul mates. People who are not satisfied from real life relations can invest on these dolls. These sex dolls are available on various online stores and selective nearby city markets. So if you want 24 by 7 real time partner who works according to your moods. Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase a real sex doll in any manner.

4 Signs You’re Badly in Need of an Adult Doll

Admit it or not; we all have sexual desires, or more specifically, lust for sex, deep inside us. Most of us confess this openly, while some people feel too shy to discuss it even with close friends. We cannot actually comment on this matter, as everyone has his own preferences and comfort zone, which he does not want to cross. However, it is for sure that no matter what phase of life you are in, you crave for sexual pleasure badly.

These days, adult dolls have gained much recognition among men, who want to give unique pleasure to their masturbation style. But, if you feel that you do not need such dolls, you must scroll down. Here are some signs that will make you realize how badly you need these dolls –

1. You Are Single

If you’re single, there’s no need to explain why you need these dolls. Single men often feel very alone in their sexual lives and need a love partner with whom they could fulfill their fantasies. So, a love doll can fill-in the empty space of a real girl.

2. You Are Going Through a Bad Intimate Relationship

When sexual relationships start getting woeful, the person starts to search for alternatives (such as prostitutes), in order to fulfill their physical needs. However, if you go for such options, you may become prey to STDs. Therefore, using a sex doll is much better.

3. You Like To Explore New Things

If you love to explore new things, try to practice new sex positions each time or have a habit of trying everything that comes your way, it is a sign that you need the doll badly. These dolls are not much new to the market, but, may certainly be new to you, if you haven’t used them.

4. You Had a Shattering Breakup

You have been through an emotional turmoil and now you are looking for peace. The best aid to get out of this mess is these sex dolls. Sex comes with inner peace and while you’ll be making love with the doll, you’ll experience a unique type of solace inside that could not be expressed in words.

If you experience any of such signs or any similar situation, it is time to empty your pocket a little and buy this machine that delivers ultimate sexual pleasure.


Every man needs an Realistic Sex Doll, if he is going through some situations or signs that depict how badly one would need these dolls for sexual pleasure.

Sex Doll: Substitution of Loneliness

For men that are on business a lot, courting a woman is tough. Typically, long-distance relationships end up creating lots of fallout, and for many men, it can be quite hard to really keep that connection going with someone for a while if they’re not around a lot. A sex doll will give a man the chance to actually have his fun, indulge in his fantasies, and with the flexibility of these it’ll allow for various positions that many men might enjoy. It’s a way to not miss out on the fun of having sex, but without the extra problems that might be associated with sex and intimacy.


For many, the grief of losing a loved one to a traumatic experience can be devastating. Often, people don’t realize just how much it hurts a person until they start to think about it. The losing of a person in any way, shape, or form is often very hard to bear.

Sex dolls actually can help with overcoming the loss of their wife. Sex dolls can look just like their late lover, and they can have them around in that space in order to feel whole once more.In the event of losing someone, often people can’t stop thinking about the other. Some people end up unable to fall in love again, and the lack of companionship does lead to depression in many, and it can also lead to other major problems as well. With a sex doll, you can get one that looks just like the partner that you had, and while it is a bit strange, for some, it’s the ultimate way to cope.


If you have one that looks just like your former partner, you can even treat it I a sense like the partner before. Perhaps you really liked to dance, you can take that partner out to dance. You can take your silicone sex doll to dinner, walk with it, whatever. While to some it might sound weird, for many, this is a way to help get over it. in periods of time where the person suffers from a traumatic experience, perhaps this is the best means to go about helping with this. It might seem strange to some, but remember, it can be the make or break point for those that are really hurting.

Sex and intimacy are two very important parts of human life. We need sex, we need intimacy, just like one might need food and water. People might try to deny it, but deep down, that idea of companionship is actually something very important to them, and it can ultimately make or break a person. For many, not having that around is almost like not having life in themselves, and this actually causes them to have a much harder time in life.

Sex Doll: It is a Good Choice for Obsessive People

For some, finding a companion that is perfect for them is hard, but perhaps they are obsessive in a sense with what they want. Maybe they want her to look just like a doll, and let’s face it, real women in life aren’t like that. now, being particular about how a woman looks is typically frowned upon by society, but it’s often a mental disorder that some are so picky about their preferences in women.


It’s hard to change anyone in this line of thinking, but, having a realistic sex doll can help one achieve those fantasies. If one is particular about what they want, and refuses to budge on it no matter what, this is grounds for a sex doll. You can get a doll that looks just like what you want, and it’s a great way to really get what you’re looking for.

For some people, they want a sex doll that looks exactly like their high school crush, or maybe there is a woman out there with the dream body that the person would love to have. While you could go searching far and wide, if it becomes obsessive, it can often prove harmful. People might get hurt, there might be drama and other problems, and ultimately, it’s actually not the smartest thing to just go through life not having this. Some people want to have a person or outlet that’s like the thing they obsess over, whether it be a person of perhaps a different skin tone or maybe looking a certain way.

Sex dolls can help with this. It can help calm down those that have this obsession. Sometimes, if that obsession is there, it can ultimately lead to sexual violence and assault, which hurts everyone. Now, not everyone does this, but it can certainly happen if one isn’t careful about this. A sex doll can give one another salutation, and while it is strange, it is something they can use to help take those obsessions out.


Obsessions are unhealthy, and if one is lusting in an unhealthy manner over something, it’s best to find a fitting outlet for this. A sex doll works, and it is lifelike, so it’s not like they won’t be getting the same thing. Some might find it sick, but often, for those that really do need help, it can help them.


Many people feel lonely,but,just a little people will buy a sex doll to accompany themselves.For some people, buying a realistic sex doll might be quite weird for them. They often might not seem normal to buy, but many people do enjoy them.

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Sex toys can help with the feeling of loneliness that some people feel. If somehow your partner is out on the other side of the world for an extended period of time, this is one way to help you get over the sadness of your partner being around for a duration of time.

Not only that, if this is a fetish that you’re into, realize that actually listening to your heart and catering to your fetishes isn’t a bad thing. Rather, it’s a healthy mechanism to truly feel happy. This is something that is a big part of human sexuality. We’re often told we’re bad for having these naughty thoughts and desires, but you have to remember that all humans, at the end of  the day, do have our own personal desires, and it’s healthy to be honest with ourselves. We can continue to hold back, but are we truly happy? Are we happy with the lot we’re given if we keep denying it? I doubt it, but that is something that you need to ask yourself if you’re worried about this. Do it for you, do it for yourself, and do it for your own personal happiness. You owe it to yourself to realize that this is your toy.

In a word,having s sex doll is quite a enjoyable thing.It means you have a intimate partener who can understand you from the heart,and you will not feel lonely at all,because you have a soul mate who will be always with you.

Sex doll is a great way to help ease sexual anxiety

Sex is more than just a physical response. Arousal is tied into your emotions, too. When your mind is too stressed out to focus on sex, your body can’t get excited either.  it’s hard to feel sexy or intimate with your partner when you have sexual performance anxiety. When you’re constantly wondering, “Am I doing this right?” “Is my partner enjoying this?” or “Do I look fat?” you become too preoccupied to enjoy sex.


There are many articles you can learn what is the reasons and solutions about sexual anxiety online. But in this article, I will recommend you another way to ease sexual anxiety—sex dolls.

When people hear the word “sex doll” or “love doll” they automatically think that people who buy these dolls are used for sex. Surprisingly, A sex doll can be a great solution to anxiety about sex. For one, a sex doll is there, so you just have to use it and then clean it up. Simple as that. if you’re scared of doing this, and you know that it’s a mental sort of situation, you can always try using one and practicing on it, making yourself to be the best sexual partner you can be, so that when you do have an actual partner down the road, you’ll feel better. While it might seem strange and a bit desperate, there are people out there with an anxiety about sex, and ultimately, this can be a great way to overcome this.


Plus, it feels very realistic. These are typically TPE sex dolls, so they are made with real skin. For many, it can be a bit shocking when you first touch it, but it’s a great way to help ease the anxiety over sex. It can help you get over the fear of being with someone, the fear of screwing up, and the fear of sex, which can be a huge mental affliction for someone.