Abundant Breast Fat Buttock– Custom Made Sex Doll

Men, we know, are from Mars, and women are from Venus. Mars, in this metaphor, is a place of carnal obsession and emotional autism; Research shows that men think about sex, around once every 50 minutes – or around 19 times a day while women daydream more about food.

Sex is an integral part of your health and you know “wealth is health”. If you are mindful about your desires, you cannot risk yourself by submitting to multiple partners. There is also the emotional and monetary baggage that comes with every relationship. Some rejections can wrench your heart, scarring your life and paining your very existence. However, with advance technology, you can revive your sexual life by not only jerking yourself before the camera but also having realistic sexual encounters with synthetic real sex dolls.


Sex dolls serve a purpose, they can be “yournextgf”, giving you company in your lonely nights, sharing your passion for sex and partnering in your Kama sutra ventures. The fun part of your love doll is that you can design her body, right from sizing her butt and boobs with ample curves, you can even choose the color of her tits. If you are a thrill seeker who loves to graze through hills & valleys for big butt pleasure and deep penetration, you can customize your BBW sex doll likewise. Silicone implanted jiggling ass with realistically carved internal ridges along the anal inserts provides intense pleasure enhancing every second of the session. Manufacturers take special care to design such lavish sex doll for men so that their “your next gf” will be lusty and sexy, created for fulfilling their unlimited sexual desires..


If you are wasting your money in porn sites with no realistic experience, thing again? Sex toys have been there from ages, from fleshlight to cock ring, however, are they providing the satisfaction you require? These hand held devices give you limited control. You just need to open your mind to replace traditional intercourse. The TPE material used in custom sex doll is free from phthalates making it perfectly safe to use for an intimate purpose. This advanced polymer possesses skin like warmth and smoothness simulating the touch feeling with the real woman. Your next gf with AI features can also be programmed through your smartphone for live interaction and real fun.


If you are looking forward to an action pack weekend, give yournextgf a chance? She is your one-time investment for several years of unlimited pleasure with negligible recurrent maintenance cost. She will never say NO nor be jealous when you leave her for another lover. There will neither be any messy interactions in the bedroom, but, your next girl friend will bring pure, orgasmic pleasure at your disposal anytime, anywhere.


There are always a sex doll that could be able to captivate you—–xosexdoll

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