Check the Creepy Sex Doll Ads from the 60s

If you think that sex dolls are new and only been around us for a short period time, you are wrong. It was 1904 when first human looking sex doll was created. But the advertisement of them have always misguided the boys. How? Check these creepy sex doll ads from the 60’s!





In the 1960s, Americans were, on average, the richest people in the world by a massive margin while median family income was about $23,000. Then bretton woods system was not collapsed, the dollar was pegged to gold, and $35 was equal to an ounce of gold.The ADs at the time showed that the sex adult doll would cost about $900 averagely, about 700 grams of gold, which is an unenforceable price today.


Mostly I was curious: The realistic simulation of sex doll should be very general according to the technology level at that time, Did the real model shoot it?


It is SOOOO lucky for us today.



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