From Blow-up Doll to Silicone/TPE Sex Doll to Sex-Dobot

In the continuous development and progress of society, a variety of new realities continue to attract everyone’s attention, in recent years, the real doll gradually into people’s perspective. This article mainly take about the interesting history of real dolls.



As we all know, at first there was no realistic sex doll, but rather an inflatable doll, while the real doll was constantly updated and developed from inflatable dolls. The earliest inflatable doll appeared in the late 1930s and was invented by Germany and Japan at the beginning The main use of the military. In World War II, Hitler, in order to prevent German soldiers from occupying the love of “non-Aryan descent” women in Zone 5 to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the Nazi army, specially appointed SSR Commander Himmler, Physiological structure similar to the inflatable doll to solve the immediate needs of the Germans, which is inflatable doll came to the world’s first reason, is not so much like the role of physical dolls.



Hitler pays special attention to this matter, so as to make very specific requirements for the inflatable doll. “She must possess all the sexy appearances of young ladies.” Heard here, we should know why the current physical dolls are so beautiful, especially shy beauty. WOOOOOOOOOW



Unfortunately, however, the plan was not implemented at that time. Allied forces bombed Dresden, where the inflatable doll’s processing plant was located. Unfortunately, the date of birth of the inflatable doll was delayed for a long time. Later, during the Vietnam War, the United States copied this plan and provided a large number of inflatable dolls for frontline soldiers. The sex dolls unanimously won praise from the soldiers. Due to the low cost of such an inflatable doll, the effect of the product may not be satisfactory, and the body and face are angular in some places, and the feeling of the hand is poor and the joint flexes with severe deformation.


But it’s hard not to fall ingenious humanity. The market for sex dolls is huge. Many people want to make money. There is a desire to have motivation. In the 21st century, the simulation doll, that is, the doll we say, not only has the same touch as a woman’s skin, but also has flexible limbs and various charm gestures. The structure is solid and durable. So we no longer have to worry about, and now the real doll has basically achieved the ideal product not only texture close to the real human skin, but also touch can almost confused.



The development of physical doll industry is irresistible, there are already some physical doll can change the expression, and there is a reaction, when the smart doll should be more appropriate. Science and technology in the development of ever-changing, Xiaobian firmly believe that the future entity dolls will go into tens of thousands of households, becoming an indispensable accompanying family care products.



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