Oriental Female Faces Sex Doll

The sexy sex doll introduced this time is a perfect sex object

One thousand readers have one thousand Hamlet, but a man can have many beautiful beautiful women in his heart.

Naming a doll is a difficult thing to do, hurting your mind. Young women of the east face, long eyelashes, big eyes, reserved and shy, beautiful figure, the shape is well-balanced and slender, 158 cm, F cup.The USEXDOLL puts her in a sexy bikini, a huge chest is out, and the way to turn her back is really addictive.

If you bought her one day, she would be your closest lover, and what kind of name would you give her?

  • Height:5.18ft(158cm)
  • Upper Bust:35.43in(90cm)
  • Lower Bust:25.59in(65cm)
  • Hip:34.65in(88cm)
  • Weight=70.54lb(32KG)

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