Pretty fairy maiden of abath– 165cm Cherry Sex Doll

Sex in the shower is hot as hell.

Your partner will be showering in full makeup, mascara completely un-smudged, standing so her back is arched perfectly and subtly to reveal a pert apple of a butt. You enter, your abs glistening slightly from the steam in the room. You joins her in the shower and slides easily into her from behind, and the water beats down on she, but not enough that it goes in her eyes and makes you look squinty, as if she’d got temporary pink eye.

In your mind, you probably didn’t think the expectation and the reality are often completely different.

The clock milk is plentiful full, extremely keen, full and red lips combined deliver the perfect pout and glowing skin, a maiden rising naked from her bath. by the time she get out, chances are she’ll bewaiting for you with open legs, with her hands between them.

The pretty young face and big breasts sex doll in a pure white bikini also is waiting for you. Look, that cute pair of underwear say: fuck me!


Her Specification:


Upper Bust:34.65in(88cm)
Lower Bust:24.80in(63cm)



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165cm Cherry Sex Love Doll Silicone Entity Body Mouth Vagina Anal Lifelike Sex Real Solid Love Toy

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