Dear nurse, I want to give you an injection

When we were young children, when we were sick and cold, the biggest fear was to see the nurse wearing white clothes, because of the injection.

We become teenagers the day after tomorrow, and there are also adult sexual ideas began to occur, tend to mature sexy hot women.

Then we came of age, and everyone had their own definition of sexual attraction. But there’s a lot of people who want to make love with nurse who made us cry in juvenile time.

Ladies in nurse uniforms might call to mind a kind of feminine nurturing mixed with some authority and off-limits-ness that makes the thought of catching her eye delicious.  Nurses have an interesting combination of authority and intimacy – authority over intimacy, is maybe what makes the magic – but they’re also there to care for their patients.  In that way, the Nurse is both a master and a servant.  She would also presumably know all sorts of things about bodies.  Under that crisp, white, old-fashioned uniform, she’s all woman, is she not?

Then this sex doll is the nurse you want to satisfy all your sexual fantasies.

Dear nurse, I grew up, I want to give you an injection—-Big, thick, hard needle….

352a5586 352a5592 352a5599 352a5604 352a5610 352a5620 352a5627 352a5628 352a5642 352a5660

Her Specification:


Upper Bust:36.61in(93cm)
Lower Bust:24.61in(62.5cm)

Arm Length:24.80in(63cm)



163cm Big Boobs Sex Love Doll TPE Entity Body Mouth Vagina Anal Realistic Adult Toy

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