Lily is a sex doll that resembles Marilyn Monroe

On a New York sidewalk, Marilyn Monroe stands with her legs astride a grating while the breeze generated by a subway train blows her accordion-pleated white dress up above her panties and around her ears.

That moment, perhaps the most vivid memory in the whole of Hollywood history, inflamed the libido of men everywhere, establishing Monroe as the world’s number one sex symbol and as the most desirable woman on the planet.

After many years, countless people imitate this scene, but no one can make the world marvel at the show. Marilyn Monroe is an erotic-sex-symbol legend for good reason.

Lily is a sex doll that resembles Marilyn Monroe. I think it is not sexy how good your body is, nor how much exposure you wear, but between the childlike innocence and the delicacy of a woman’s delicacy, that who Lily is.

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Her Specification:

  1. Height:5.41ft(165cm)
  2. Upper Bust:34.65in(88cm)
  3. Lower Bust:27.17in(69cm)
  4. Waist:21.65in(55cm)
  5. Hip:33.86in(86cm)
  6. Weight=79.37lb(36KG)

165cm Silicone Sex Angel Doll with Metal Skeleton Lifelike Sex Solid Love Toy for Male

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