Do you really understand sex doll?


Many people have heard of sex dolls, others say that there are particularly many sex dolls that are like a paradise for sex. A sex doll is a life-size, body-shaped masturbation that gives users the pleasure of having sex with them. The past, the use of inflatable dolls more design, it is also known as inflatable doll. Into the 21st century, sex dolls using a shape-memory gel or resin manufacturing, touch with real human skin and muscle is no different, and have spherical joints, can make different actions, especially like and make love like real, in the That moment really felt like the same paradise as sex.

Sex dolls are generally shaped like girls, with vagina and open mouth, so that men put the penis into the hole, friction and have a pleasure. Some well-made, close-to-nature sex dolls are even regarded as art collection and viewing. Some people also enjoy these dolls in the form of ball-and-ball joints, putting on different costumes, make-up, changing hairstyles, etc. If visiting The collection of these sex dolls, just want to enter the sex paradise, a variety of dolls, very sexy, great temptation.

Many people know more about adult knowledge, such as sexually transmitted infections. Therefore, many people think that having sex with a sex doll will reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. However, they do not know that many people use the same sex doll as other sexually transmitted diseases. It is therefore suggested that the use of sex dolls should be used exclusively as their own.
There are some adult knowledge, for example, before using sex with some lubricants, wear condoms will reduce friction and increase pleasure.
Sexual skills is sexual activity between husband and wife to enhance the pleasure of sexual love skills, with some sex skills in sexual life allows both parties to get more pleasure, more feeling, then sex doll sexual skills? Sex dolls sex skills are there? If you want to enjoy the sexual skills, then the sex doll can cooperate with you to make a variety of sexual skills, such as riding, riding on the back, realistic doll, in addition to the real life, there are spherical joints, you can make Different actions, so all kinds of sex skills, sexual posture, sex dolls can be done with you. Some people say that there are some sex skills, love dolls can be done, such as caress. In fact, caresses before sex, hugging, flirting and other sex skills, as long as necessary, are possible. Can be said that sex dolls can do a variety of things with you, and will not refute.


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