Do You Know the Benefits of Masturbation?

Sexual needs and desires should be fulfilled regardless of whether your partner is present or not. Seriously, it’s good for your health—even if you hate talking about the taboo topic.

Boosts mood
Everything from work to friends, family to a bump in your commute—stress plagues us all at some point. But good news: You don’t have to find a partner to get the feel-good neurotransmitters that get pumped up with sex. Instead, you can beat the blues by masturbating. According to Ava Cadell, Ph.D., clinical sexologist and founder of Sexpert and Loveology University, masturbation acts as a de-stressor and an antidepressant. It stimulates the release of pleasure endorphins from the brain, which flood the body and boost your mood—just like sex.

Improves heart health
For those of you who hate cardio, here’s another tactic to try. A study published in The American Journal of Cardiology found men who had an orgasm just once per month were 45 percent more likely to contract a cardiovascular disease or have a stroke compared to those who achieved it more than twice a week. The researchers acknowledge that, yes, healthier men are more apt to be having sex, which means they likely already have healthy cardiovascular systems. But, “the increase in heart rate [you get from masturbating] is directly beneficial to the circulation, and can reduce the likelihood of a heart attack,” says Cadell.

Makes you look younger
Masturbation can make you look and feel younger by altering your brain cells in positive ways, says Cadell. “The key is ‘mindful masturbation.’ Being fully present in your body and truly savoring each sensation during masturbation as it creates new neural pathways in the brain that carry over into your daily life.”
Increases your lifespan
We already know that a solid exercise program coupled with a clean diet has the perks of expanding your lifespan as well as keeping you looking and feeling great. But did you know more sexual activity (including solo sessions) can tack time on to your lifespan as well? According to a 20-year long study published in the British Medical Journal, men with the highest number of orgasms had a better quality of life and lived longer than who were pleasured less. It makes sense when you consider all of the other benefits you just learned about. When you lower your risk of certain cancers and heart disease, plus decrease disease-fostering stress, that’s a recipe for better health and a longer, happier life!

So friends, how many masturbation sex toys do you have ?

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