Subtle Changes in the Privacy of Women in Sex

Sexual life in the depths of men and women will subtle changes in the body, and many men complain about their own do not know when women love what changes, the following to understand, these changes you aware of it?

Labia labia majora located on both sides of the female vaginal orifice, is a pair of vertical bulge skin folds, there is a very thick subcutaneous fat, and is rich in blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and nerve endings, sensitive to sexual stimulation.
In peacetime, unmarried or unfertilized women on both sides of the labia majora is closed in the midline of the genitals, can cover the labia minora, vaginal and urethral mouth, play a protective role. Some maternal injuries during childbirth, so that the labia majora can not close the genitals. In the stimulation of sexual stimulation caused by sexual excitement, the unlabelled labia majora become thin and flattened, and there will be upward and outward displacement, the result of this shift is to make labia majora farther away from the vaginal opening .

Rapid labia minora uplift bulge, vaginal 1/3 of the blood vessels also congestion, forcing the location of the labia majora also occurred. Labia majora in the sexual excitement why this change in position? Some people speculate that this is a non-random neurophysiological regulation, can make intercourse penis more easily into the vagina.
To the extinction period, the labia majora to the midline closed, and restored to its original thickness. If a woman’s sexual climax, the labia will soon return to its original state of extinction. But if the sexual response only reached the plateau, the recovery of labia should be much slower.
Another situation is that a woman who has not been pregnant if the excitement or plateau period of delay for a long time, the labia majora long time to be separated, the vein is also in a stasis for a long time, it may develop into edema. Some women can still have labial hyperemia of the labia after stopping their stimulation.

Labia minora labia majora located in the medial, is a pair of thin skin folds, the surface is smooth, moist, rich in nerve endings, very sensitive to sexual stimulation.微信截图_20180125172950微信图片_20180124150719
During the excitement period, both labile and fertile women have significantly increased labia minora diameter. When the sexual response develops to plateau, the labia minora diameter can be increased to 2 times or even 3 times.
As the labia minora diameter increases, the effective length of the vaginal canal is also extended accordingly. In the platform period, congestion not only increased the diameter of the labia minora, but also make significant changes in the color of this period. The labia minora will turn from pink to bright red, the female labia minora will turn from bright red to dark purple.
It can be considered that the color of the labia minora becomes deeper, the more harm the pelvic and labial varicose veins. This color change is very special, some people in the reaction of the labia minora called “sexual skin.” Due to the obvious changes in the color of the skin, clinicians and researchers can use the skin to judge a woman’s sex Response level, if there is a sexual reaction of the skin, it can be considered has reached the plateau phase of the sexual response cycle.
In sexual treatment, you can also use the changes in the skin to analyze a woman’s response to a certain degree of sexual stimulation means that the color changes clearly identified, suggesting that the response to this stimulus more strongly.
The appearance of sexual skin reaction also marks the end of orgasm. In the extinction period, the color of the skin is also reduced with the reduction of sexual tension, 10 to 15 seconds after the end of orgasm, the skin will change from dark red or bright red to light red.

Clitoral hyperextension Female clitoris and male penis have many similarities, with the same number of nerve endings, but also a particularly sensitive to the touch of the head. Sexual process, whether it is direct stimulation, or a variety of indirect stimuli, will make the clitoris hyperemia, bring a fullness of pleasure.
Labia size expansion in sexual impulses, the labia majora will outward Zhang Zhang, exposing the sheltered labia minora, urethra and vaginal mouth. Into sexual excitement period, the labia minora will congestion and swelling, significant expansion, the volume can be increased to 2-3 times the original, it is protected by the barrier of the labia majora protruding so that the effective length of sexual intercourse when the vaginal canal at least Extend as much as 1 cm!
If you can not catch these subtle changes, then let your sex doll  to tell you!

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