Most of the men like to stare at beautiful women, and scientific research has confirmed that seeing beauty is good for men’s health.
Western men pay most attention to women’s hips and waist, followed by eyes, chest and back, thighs, etc.
But the eyes of Chinese men are different from those in the west.


  • 48.1% of the men like to look at women’s breasts. Men’s obsession with the breasts is absolutely beyond the imagination. It’s not just psychological, also physiological.Breasts are tall and full of women, not only that she is sexy, but also that she has a stronger ability to feed her offspring.
  • 19.2% of the men like to see a woman’s waist-hip. Slim waist and sexy hips are deadly temptations for men. Chinese folk think “the buttock is big to fertility a baby”, buttock plump adipose is exuberant fertility ability outstanding characteristic.
  • 17.3% of the men the love to look at women’s thighs. The attraction of the thigh is 3 times of the lower leg, the white leg is very easy to let the man be heartthrob, floating imagination. Research has found that in good times, women tend to swap dresses for short skirts, possibly because they are more romantic.
  • 5.8% of the men love to see a woman’s calf. The calf is no less important than the face. A slim calf with high heels can trigger a man’s desire to possess.
  • 3.8 percent of the men love to see a woman’s face. Studies have shown that women who have larger eyes have a higher proportion of the overall face, which can trigger a man’s protective consciousness. At the same time, it is the most comfortable for men.
  • 3.8 percent of the men like to looking at women’s feet. A man’s attention to his feet is equal to his face. Women are advised to choose shoes that suit their feet, and small, high-heeled shoes can make feet look more beautiful.
  • So, for single friends, there is a welfare to you, sex doll, they face, chest, buttocks, thighs, legs, feet, and other body structure is simply called on the perfect, you can cool to burst.

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