Sexual Skills

Women tend to be difficult to regulate their own breathing, love will feel shortness of breath, that is, women will be short breath to men that they have reached orgasm. After a certain amount of training, men can freely control their breathing. In addition to being able to exercise vigorous piston movement to promote women’s orgasm, they can take emergency control of themselves before ejaculation. This technique is a patent for men.

This male compatriots should pay attention to it → re-enter after wet:  First of all, the erection of the penis to reach a fully moist vagina, the technique must be used with caution, after entering the men can not only consider their pleasure, but should respond to the reaction of women, is the best policy. At this time, men learn to adjust their breath is the key to success. Because it can induce multiple female orgasm, otherwise men once ejaculation, sexual intercourse will end. Men should be at least the penis within the vagina within twenty to thirty minutes, repeated every five to seven minutes for piston movement, to women four or five times after the comfort ejaculation. Women as a result of men’s sexual intercourse, soon reached its climax. To meet the climax, men should be able to clearly confirm this situation, this is the male skills. With ejaculation, although the penis will soften, but this time will give the female twitch a strong stimulation, at the same time for the arrival of both pleasure.微信截图_20180223162019 微信截图_20180223162056

A little bit more hope that we pay more attention → repeated up and down movement:   After the female climax, about three to five minutes will be restored, the male should resume after repeated up and down movement, the female to the next climax, the taste of which only the two sides experience to experience. If you get this sense of climax three times, nine out of ten women will cry from the heart: “I can not!” At this time, men can suppress the suppressed semen shot in one breath. In this way, your woman will be your bond of loyalty. If men can master these sexual skills described above, then believe that his wife will be overwhelmed by you, do not want to get out of bed, but these are not just empty talk, men want to achieve this goal, we must master these skills of sex, sex is not Open a blank check.

A strong body is a prerequisite Oh → practice pelvic muscles. Through practice, the female vaginal force will be greater, more tight folder. Men are more handy control of ejaculation, to extend the sex time, erection hardness and ejaculation eruption force is also stronger.
Sex is a matter of two people Oh, each other should be more exchange Ha → exchange of feelings. In order to expand sexual pleasure, you should ask more about your partner’s feelings. The way of making love should also be recognized by both parties, encouraging each other to enhance and extend sexual pleasure.

You learned these sex tips, and if not, here you can kiss and hug with a sex doll – using “them” as their silent lover.


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