How to Choose a Condom ?

Men how to choose the right condom? There is such a question in most men who have used condoms. If the condom is too large, easy to fall off during sexual intercourse within the vagina, leading to contraceptive failure; condoms are too small, there will be discomfort, but also easy to break. Your choice largely determines your health. Choose the most suitable oneself is the best.
  • Before measuring the size of your penis, choose a more comfortable environment (ask 18 ℃), appropriate rest, making their feelings calm.


  • Measure the length of the normal penis, come up with a ruler, one end to withstand the symphysis pubis, the other end of the glans urethral mouth as the benchmark, which is the normal length of the penis.


  • Measuring the thickness of the penis. Waiting for the penis to full erection, with a thin line around the middle of the penis circle, measuring the length of the line, that penis perimeter, then divided by 3.14, calculate the diameter of the penis, the result closest to the actual data.


  • According to the calculation results refer to the national condom model and the corresponding data, the purchase of condoms closest to their own data. You can first try to buy a small bag in the mall, if you find it inappropriate to do timely adjustment, replacement.


  • After fully understanding your suitability model, try selecting different types of condoms. You can check the Internet, all types of regular brand condoms, prices, pictures to understand.


  • Pick the right type. In addition to ordinary condoms, the ultra-thin cover is designed to minimize the impact of the cover on the pleasure. The grain and threaded cover is designed to enhance the friction of the vagina of women. Small particles or fine spirals are designed on the external walls. Shaped sets look strange, purely for fun.


  • Penis larger or smaller men, if not in the formal mall to buy the right product. We suggest that you can also online shopping in reputable websites, such as 100 Fun Mall, to easily and easily select your favorite brand styles and sizes.


  • Tip: I suggest you do not buy too much condoms at one time, on the one hand is easy to save, not perishable; the other hand, if uncomfortable, disabled will not be distressed.


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