Sex is one of the most wonderful things in human beings and in nature. Sexual love also plays a part in our body. Sexual love is the normal demand of our body.

Therefore, we can only carry on the process of sexually enjoying sexuality It is wonderful. However, many of my friends do not understand sex very much. 

They often lose their interest in the process of sex. Moreover, incorrect sex poses can cause the body to be unhealthy. So let’s see which sex styles Cause harm to our body.

  1.  Sex is very wonderful, especially women in the process of sexuality which produce sex is more slow, so this time, you need some foreplay to cooperate, if the man did not make sexual foreplay, directly to the rude And the woman’s sex but will result in the opposite, the woman’s dislike and pain.
  2.  During sex life, we must pay attention to the safety measures of both sides, men’s semen contains a lot of protein, but also some specific antigens, so if the woman’s constitution is so easy to allergies then there is no safety measures Will cause the woman’s chest tightness and the vagina will have some symptoms of burning sensation.
  3. How to carry out the right sex? Of course, is to buy a sex doll ah!

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